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High Five New York

See? Now this is a prank. Something silly and good intentioned and actually funny. Not groping poor, unsuspecting girls.

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convict67 said: Hey Whitney! Could ya please list me the male genital piercings from least painful to the most painful? I already have a dydoe, frenum, and a scrotal piercing. I'm kinda skeptical about the Prince Albert, not cuz it's painful, I just don't wanna end up peeing from two holes 😂

Coming from some of my male genital clients’ perspectives, the Dydoe tends to be more uncomfortable than a PA piercing. And you’ve already experienced that, so I believe a PA piercing will be a lot easier than you expect.
However, yes, having a PA piercing means you may find that it’s easier to urinate sitting down until you get use to the jewelry and how it affects your stream while standing.
Aside from the Dydoe, the Ampallang and Apadravya piercings are known for being a little more uncomfortable than most others.

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sheabadbeach said: What are some good online stores with pretty dermal tops?

You should find a reputable studio in your area that has readily available jewelry options for you, or can order quality jewelry for you.
You’re kind of taking a shot in the dark at buying jewelry that :
A-may not be the appropriate gauge/size for your surface anchor and B-potentially be low quality jewelry coming from foreign countries, made from lwo quality mystery metal

Also it’s best to let the professionals change the tops on your surface anchors so that you don’t damage the tissue beneath and cause your piercing to migrate/tilt outward

Find a reputable studio in your area here:

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Anonymous said: Have you ever repierced a belly button on someone who had a ring during pregnancy and it was stretched out because of it. Mine looks terrible after my son and I want it redone but I'm worried it will look awful anyways/:

I’ve re-pierced navels for women post-pregnancy.
As long as you’re built for the piercing and there isn’t significant scarring form the previous piercing, i couldn’t imagine there would be a problem.
However, you need an in-person consultation with a reputable piercer first.
If you left your jewelry in for the majority of your pregnancy, there’s potential that the piercing could still be open and easily tapered and jewelry re-inserted.

You can find a reputable piercer in your area for a consultation here:

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yyoubetheanchor said: Hey this might be random, I'm probably going to get my nipples pierced soon but I'm a little worried my nipples might be too small to get done. Would it be weird if I send you a picture and you could let me know? Would that be okay?


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Anonymous said: What is your opinion on snug piercings? I don't see many pictures of them on your page.

I prefer do faux-snug piercings over snugs because they heal easier but provide the same look.
I rarely have requests for snug and faux-snug piercings in general.
Here is a photo of a healed faux-snug i performed on a client.

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Anonymous said: How much would it typically cost to get a triangle piercing with an anatometal circular barbell (atomized, and with a couple of black opals)? Give or take. I'm trying to see how much I have to save before I can bring it up at home

This is something that will vary from studio to studio.

This is also a piercing you need to first have an in-person anatomy consultation for to determine whether or not you’re anatomically built for this piercing.
From there, you and your piercer can discuss jewelry options and pricing.

Find a reputable piercer in your area here:

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Anonymous said: Hello there! I live in Florida and sadly can't travel that far to come for piercings (I want my conch and forward helix done). I am going to go to the nearest APP member. However, could you tell me how much is appropriate to tip a piercer, and also if it is customary for tips to be given when ordering other earrings or changing them? I want to make sure I cover all the bases when I start on this adventure. I love your work and having been looking on here for ideas! Thank you!

I believe it’s appropriate to tip piercers, absolutely.
The 15-20% rule when tipping is what I generally go by.
As far as jewelry ordering, i don’t personally feel like a tip is necessary for that.
But assisting you with jewelry changes, yes, i feel tipping is appropriate.

Thank you for the kind words and remember you can find a reputable piercer in florida by simply searching here:

I wish you the best of luck!!

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slave-babygirl said: I just want to leave a little note about my recent piercing You preformed. I am one week out today and it's amazing. It's the cutest VCH you have ever see. I was made feel so comfortable that I didn't even focus on what was going on . I was in and out in under an hour but never felt rushed. It's my only body piercing and to be honest it has made me what to do more ASAP. Thank you so much for giving the people in and around the lexington area a quality place to go for out piercing needs. You rock

Thank you for the kind words!! :}

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Anonymous said: Hello, there's a piercing place near me that only charges $10 a piercing. I talked to the owner, and he says that other places are just too expensive, and that he cares about his work and his clients too much to charge anymore than what he does. My girlfriend goes there for all of her piercings, and so far has not had a problem (she's gotten quite a few). I just wanted to make sure this place is safe. Is it possible for him to safely charge only $10 for jewelry and the piercing process?


In our opinion, it would be impossible for any piercer to offer piercings, including jewelry, safely at that price. There are lots of factors that play into this, but we will focus on a just a few:

1) The biggest red flag this raises is about the quality of the jewelry being used. Many people think that all jewelry is the same and that it doesn’t matter what the quality of the jewelry installed is. This couldn’t further from the truth. If you think about it, the jewelry is the thing that will be in direct contact with your piercing while it is healing, and for as long as you have your piercing. It is the thing that will most directly affect how your piercing heals. If the jewelry is not made of a high-quality, safe material with a mirror-finish, it can drastically affect the healing of the piercing. In some cases, the piercing may appear to heal fine, but you could be exposing your self to an unsafe material that can have affects on your health. 

Just like anything else, high-quality jewelry costs more (often a lot) than low-quality, mystery-metal jewelry. To be able to afford to offer piercings for $10, including jewelry, we can assure you that the jewelry being offered by this piercer is NOT high-quality, safe jewelry. Even if he was willing to make absolutely no profit, he still would not be able to buy quality jewelry that would be appropriate for a lot of piercings, for less than $10. There is a great deal of very low-quality, unsafe jewelry available that literally costs pennies to buy…and none of it is something anyone should want to wear in their body, even if their piercings seem to heal okay. 

2) Being able to offer the piercing process safely also costs money. Depending upon how the piercer operates, sometimes the piercings can be done at a very low cost to the piercer. However, even at a very low costs (using the cheapest supplies, skirting various health and safety practices, never seeking out continuing education etc), we still don’t see how $10 could ever be a reasonable price to charge…and that doesn’t even include the cost of the jewelry which we addressed above. 

When it comes to health and safety practices, we would be VERY concerned about what sort of corners this piercer might be cutting. To put people’s health and safety at risk by using low-quality jewelry is one thing. But, cutting corners in the areas of health and safety (cleanliness, sterilization, cross-contamination, spore testing, equipment maintenance etc) is unconscionable. 

So, that’s a lot of words to basically say this:

It is our opinion that there is absolutely no way this piercer is offering safe piercings with quality jewelry for that price. it’s great your girlfriend hasn’t experienced any negative effects up to this point…and hopefully she never will. However, we would strongly encourage her to find a different a piercer.

No matter what story this person has concocted to justify his questionable practices, it just isn’t possible to do piercing safely for that cost. 

There are local studios that do $20 piercings, but $10 is a new low.