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Anonymous asked
Hi! I have a question that I've been wanting to ask a professional piercer for a while. I had my belly button pierced and it, unfortunately, was ripped out. It has been almost 2 years since the piercing was ripped out so the tissue doesn't look like spider fangs anymore. Is it possible to get this area re-pierced or would it just be better to leave it alone? Thanks in advance!

This is a situation where you would need to see an experienced, educated piercer for a consultation.It’s hard to determine the severity of the tissue damage without seeing it  in person.

You can find a reputable piercer in your area here:

In the past, when a client’s navel was too damaged to re pierce, sometimes a lower navel surface piercing, or surface anchor above the navel have worked to add the sparkle they were looking for too :}

Anonymous asked
So. I am a heavy set woman. I'm very interested in a hood piercing but too afraid to ask my artist about the risks I'm a very clean like ocd about germs. But I guess what saying is how safe is it. And what after care is necessary.

As long as you’re anatomically built for the piercing and you have an experienced professional performing it, weight and safety aren’t issues.
It’s important to find a piercer who you’re comfortable with and who is respectful and knowledgeable in this area. You can find one here:

Aftercare varies some from piercer to piercer, but simply being mindful to not have direct contact on the piercing until fully healed, rinsing thoroughly in the shower and spraying with saline or simple care several times a day to assist with healing are my general aftercare suggestions.

Here are additional aftercare suggestions from the APP :!/~/product/id=23786192

Anonymous asked
I have oily nose (kind of) It could be a Problem if I want the nostril piercing? Thank you :)

Not at all. For facial piercings, you want to make sure you’re thoroughly rinsing soap residue from your piercing when you wash your face.
For me personally, this is easier to do in the shower.
You also want to use appropriate aftercare.
And be mindful not to touch, pick at or play with your new piercing.
But oily skin alone isn’t necessarily going to be a problem.

Anonymous asked
when you get a nipple piercing done, can you be numbed?

No, we’re not licensed to inject anesthetic into people. But honestly, you won’t need it. A nice big deep breathe will do the trick :}

notwhatthought asked
What is the difference between a triangle piercing and horizontal piercing?

If you’re referring to a horizontal hood piercing, it travels through the loose tissue in FRONT of the clitoris, the triangle travels behind the nerve bundle BEHIND the clitoris. Both piercings have the potential to stimulate the clitoris from either side.

Anonymous asked
hey! i live fairly close to the shop your work in and was wondering how much you charge to do nipple piercing and also vch piercings (i know it would depend on anatomy and if i was suited for it as far as all that goes) just like a baseline price, i know jewelry also plays a factor. thanks!

I’d prefer if you called the studio for pricing.
Next week Ill be in  on monday and wednesday from 12-8,
thursday 12-5 and friday 10am-midnight.