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Anonymous said: I got two nose rings on the same side about 4 months ago and they formed then dreaded "bumps" right above them. There is 0 pain and they have begun shrinking and growing, shrinking then growing again. I have not downsized my rings at all. Could downsizing help at all? Was I supposed to do that awhile ago?

That can definitely help. Too much movement from your jewelry can easily irritate your piercings. Downsizing is essentially once you’re past the inflammation phase. I would recommend downsizing and trying warm salt water compressions on your piercings. But I also feel it’s important for a piercer to take a look at your nostril piercings and give you their opinion as well as assist with your jewelry switch.

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Anonymous said: Is it okay to put a seam ring in a healed septum piercing? Or what jewelry would you recommend that looks like it?

absolutely. I might recommend the assistance of a piercer to ensure that seam ring is bent back as closely as possibly with minimal gap. annealed steel is a lot easier to bend than titanium though.

VCH piercing with White Opal cabochon
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VCH piercing with White Opal cabochon

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Different Types of Opals


Andamooka Rough Opal


Black Opal


Boulder Opal


Fossilized Opal


Ocean Opal


Raw Fire Opal


Tree Fossil with Opal Rings



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aritenenbaum said: Hello! I've had an industrial for three months now and my ear has developed a small bubble on both exit holes. I've read that these are Hypertrophic Scarring but I'm not a professional so I'm not sure; but I do know they're not keloids. So my questions are: Do you recommend Tea Tree Oil for hypertrophic scarring? Can I send you a picture of my industrial and can you let me know what I should do or just provide any advice from what you can tell from the picture, please?

I prefer suggest a remedy of warm salt water compresses and making sure not to touch, twist turn rotate or lay on your piercing. Potentially a jewelry switch if your barbell is poorly fitted. Angles are detrimental to easy healing. Bad angles can easily result in raised any tissue and excessive inflammation/scarring.

But again, it’s always best to have an in-person consultation with a reputable piercer to help determine what the culprit of your problems may be.

Please find a reputable studio in your area by searching here:

good luck!

Oct 13, 2014

Anonymous said: hello!! i have a 8g vch piercing, but it's poorly placed and I'd like to let it close so I can get it redone better. since it's stretched, and i've had it for a few years now, will it ever close all the way? it healed and stretched easily, and i've never had any problems with it - it's just quite shallow and i don't like how it looks.

You’ll need a piercer for an in-person anatomy consultation to determine the natural depth of your hood and how closely the new piercing can potentially be performed in proximity to the previous one. 

If the two sites are plenty of distance form one another, the new one may potentially be able to be performed sooner than later.

Find a reputable studio by searching here:

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slave-babygirl said: I want a triangle , how much would that cost for me to have you do It?

I don’t give pricing over Tumblr.
You can contact me at our studio:

859 254 2174

Also, you’ll need an in-person anatomy consultation first to determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for this piercing. 

For this piercing to be performed and properly placed, you must be able to pinch behind your hood and raise the clitoral nerve bundle away from your body. Most women are not anatomically built for the triangle piercing.

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Anonymous said: I really want my nose pierced. Is it possible to get it pierced with a hoop?

Its possible but likely not going to heal as easily as it would with a post.

Also, the ring may not be as snug as you’d prefer it to be, as there will need to be some breathe-room for your piercing to go through some initial inflammation.

I typically recommend starting with a post and switching to a snug ring 3-4 months later so long as the piercing is healing happily.

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Anonymous said: Where can I buy a high quality arrow barbell for an industrial?

I would recommend locating your closest APP Member piercing studio to order you an arrow barbell for your industrial. Thye can measure your ear and make sure that the gauge and diameter ordered will fit your ear perfectly, as there’s not a “on-size fits all” for body jewelry.

Typically only GOLD manufacturers such as #BVLA or #BodyGems will make a design like this.

Find a reputable APP Member studio in your area here: